Insight from Paddy Whur CEO WoodsWhur

“We have had a few weeks now to accept the “new normal” or at least what has to be normal for the immediate future.

Our general work has gone very quiet with current cases being adjourned and new applications being put on hold. I am pretty sure that whilst Local Authorities are being urged to start holding virtual hearings that most will be hoping to adjourn matters until face to face hearings can be heard. I undertake a large number of multi-party cases and do feel that these would be difficult to run properly. I certainly wouldn’t be looking forward to managing them. I had a video conference with four parties dialling in yesterday and unless all are very disciplined it becomes very clumsy.

Part of my specialism is festival and large event space licensing as I look after Printworks, Drumsheds, Field Day, Digbeth Arena, The Mill amongst others. The issues here are the time it takes to programme events and to go through detailed Safety Advisory Group meetings to ensure that events can run safely. I know that my clients will be champing at the bit to put on safe events as soon as the lock down is over. One thing is for sure, there will be no shortage of people looking for a good party.”

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