Insight from Josie Appleton – Director, Manifesto Club

“The lockdown has suspended all civil liberties and is having a devastating effect on social and economic life. It may be necessary for a period but should be relaxed as soon as possible so that people can resume their lives. Lost jobs, lost income and confinement also lead to mental health problems and even deaths, just as surely as can infectious disease.

We should not allow the response to the virus to leave as heavy a toll as the virus itself. If these devastating lockdown measures continue for too long, there will be no money in the public coffers to deal with the sick from this or any other disease. Lockdown and confinement should not be pursued except with the greatest reluctance and as a temporary condition, not a permanent solution. Lockdown is antithetical to our society and economy, and to free life, and we need an exit strategy as soon as possible.”

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