Written by Fred Krefting Co-Founder of Entertech Group (You Check)

Technology will be an integral part of helping society return to ‘normal’. Already widespread discussion and testing of contact tracing apps are in place across the globe. It’s too early to tell which technologies will be best suited for the UK.

Contact-tracing apps could help in some way but what live entertainment really needs is a facilitator technology that focuses on two core pillars. It is becoming apparent that both security and attendee engagement are those cornerstones for moving forward. Any technology should have these foundations embedded in it.

Venues, event promoters and artists will need to act responsibly and lead the way. To put on an event, stakeholders should pull together to ensure attendees find out, understand and adhere to new guidelines.

To do this an effective communication system needs to be in place to help distribute this information efficiently. Attendees may require information in advance of an event. For example to explain how to safely enter a venue potentially using a staggered entry process. Similarly, after an event, the engagement must remain in place. In case attendees need to be alerted, for any given reasons.

The second cornerstone is security and it goes hand in hand with engagement. It’s more important than ever for venues to have a highly accurate log of attendees. If an issue arises those people are accounted for. Not only is this important from a medical perspective but it will give confidence to attendees that they’re being kept safe!

Lastly, security guards have the highest Covid-19 mortality rate according to the ONS. A security guard’s role is essential but clearly over-exposure is putting lives at risk. Venues should look at digital alternatives that minimise or get rid of any unnecessary contact points like handling ID documents.

Dance Again Fund was founded by You Check and are working on building a fund from a coalition of consumer brands for independent promoters (Post Covid-19) to grant up to £15k to power future events. They are currently circulating a questionnaire to engage promoters.

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