Responding to today’s Coronavirus briefing from the First Minister, Ben Francis, FSB Wales Policy Chair said:

“There is much to be positive about in today’s briefing. We are grateful to the work of those across Wales who have contributed towards our progress on the vaccine rollout and on keeping case rates low in Wales. However, we note the First Minister’s concern about the Delta variant and the impact this is having elsewhere.

“It’s important to note, however, that many businesses in Wales still face significant challenges that still require Welsh Government to work with the business organisations on a way forwards.

“Firstly, we are hearing multiple accounts of hospitality firms that are struggling to recruit the staff that they need. This could have a serious impact on a business’ ability to trade successfully and therefore make up the ground that they have lost over the last year. We believe that its important for Welsh Government to speak urgently with the sector and help plan a sustainable path through this situation.

“Similarly, hospitality firms, indoor tourism and leisure businesses are facing restrictions on how they can trade due to social distancing and therefore will continue to need support from Welsh Government to help them through a difficult balancing act as they reopen. We have called on Welsh Government to allocate targeted funding to those businesses who continue to need support over the summer to help ensure that they can continue to maintain jobs and keep businesses afloat as they work to be viable under such difficult circumstances.”

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