The photography project celebrating stories from the dancefloor 

 Come and find out what  “going out dancing” means to so many. The photography project Dancefloor Recall is launching on 7th October at Corsica Studios. See the portraits and hear the stories; from new friendships, marriages and births. Chance meetings and sliding door moments. The revelations and euphoric moments. 

 The photography exhibition will have links to audio stories and many of the families, couples, DJ’s and friends captured will be at the exhibition to share their story in person.. 

 The project inspired by the closure of nightclubs and nightlife is a long term project by Heather Shuker and Fran Hales that will be published as a book. This event is the launch and features stories captured so far outside many of London’s iconic nightlife venues. From November the project will be capturing people and their stories across the United Kingdom. 

The preview hour for special guests and media is from 6-7 on Thursdays 7th October and the party then continues until midnight Please note: entry is free to this event but a ticket is required to gain entry:

All ticket holders are required to demonstrate their Covid-19 status by providing proof of a negative PCR or Lateral Flow Test, entry will be denied to those that cannot provide evidence of one of the above requirements.

You can read our full our entry policy on the Corsica Studios website:


LOCATION: 4 – 5 Elephant Rd, London, SE17 1LB



Heather Shuker – 0778 231 5393 – [email protected] 


 At this critical time with many nightlife venues under threat of permanent closure, there is a need to tell the human interest story of what “going out dancing” means to so many and to society as a whole.  One great thing that has come out of the pandemic is that people are now really conscious of the importance of human connection. Sharing and wanting to know about people’s stories is a big part of this changed way of thinking. 

 Storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections.  Storytelling is a way to communicate, educate, share, and connect. 

 Lockdown aroused a lot of nostalgia and memories of nights out. What was missed, what did “going out” dancing and connecting with others in a club mean.

 “As a species, we are born to dance…Moving to music when we are alone can make us happy. Doing it in a room with others takes things to the next level, adding the pleasure of social bonding into the mix, too…”

 It’s all about community.  Music is an integral part of everyone’s make up. Music is tribal. Industries have been created on dancefloors, families, business partnerships and long term friendships supporting mental health.

 “For me the dancefloor is like group therapy. You come along and release all those pent up emotions en masse with other like minded people..It’s incredibly cathartic” 

RA, London

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