Following the introduction of the new lockdown measures across England and the changing impact of the pandemic, we know that a significant number of CRF grant recipients will need to alter their activity plans as set out in their application.

In order to enable organisations to adjust their plans, and to ensure we can effectively monitor how the money they received is being spent, we have made some changes to monitoring and payment schedules. Their overall grant offer hasn’t changed, simply how we will monitor it.

The changes are:

  • £250k-500k grant recipients will move from a two-payment to a three-payment schedule – making their schedule the same as £500k+ recipients.
  • All grant recipients receiving £250k – £3m will need to submit a revised plan of activity along with a new budget and cashflow as a condition against their second payment.
  • Recipients under £250k who want to amend their plans need to submit a report on what they spent their grant on as part of their final payment monitoring. They do not need to contact us in advance of their activity to let us know of any changes – however they must follow our ‘eligible activity’ guidance.

Today, organisations in receipt of a CRF grant between £250k-£500k will be contacted with information about the changes to the monitoring and payment schedule of their grant, and from Friday, payment will be able to be released.

All organisations that are receiving a CRF grant (£50k – £3m) will be contacted later this week, with information on all of these changes, as well as what constitutes eligible activity to help them adjust their plans if necessary, and details on how the Job Retention Scheme and CRF should be treated if they are receiving both. We’ll be reassuring them that they shouldn’t worry if their activity has changed or is likely to change over the coming months – their overall grant offer will remain the same.

You can find a copy of the letter to £250k-£500k recipients [attached], and we will send you a copy of the all awardees letter later this week.

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