Jane Dodds MS said, “I want to be clear that I fundamentally believe that vaccines are our best route out of the pandemic, but COVID passports are not part of that solution.

“The evidence does not show that COVID passports will make us safer or drive up vaccination rates.

“What is shown is that they will make some people less likely to be vaccinated and discriminate against some in society.

“Today’s vote sets a dangerous precedent for bad lawmaking and government overreach.””Today’s vote sets a dangerous precedent for bad lawmaking here in Wales and an unnecessary government overreach into our civil liberties without any evidence they will make us all safer.”


Research undertaken by Swansea University finds that, of the factors contributing to vaccine hesitancy, vaccine passports were one of the factors which might encourage some of those delaying the decision of whether or when to get vaccinated.

In France, where vaccine certification has been the norm for months, a black market for certification has already emerged.

Vaccine uptake at over 75 per cent among white 18 to 29-year-olds while only 55 per cent of black and ethnic minority groups in the same age bracket, the impact of these exclusions will be felt disproportionately by minorities.

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