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Following the release of various COVID protocols by the Government, and the most recent support package for the live music industry, we are now moving to the next stage of the project with the release of two surveys of the Birmingham live music sector – one is for Audiences, and another is for Musicians.  A third survey, aimed at Music Venue staff, will be launched shortly.

These surveys are designed not only to gather information about how these two specific groups are responding COVID-19, but also to produce data about more general attitudes and approaches to live music in the city. As well as information about the recent disruptions, we want show the scale and potential of music in Birmingham. These surveys – along with our recent venue mapping exercise – are vital to that process.

How you can help.

We hope you can help us distribute the surveys (and of course fill in answers yourself too).  If you could share information about the surveys on your social media and newsletters, we would be very grateful. We have attached a file with possible texts of Tweets and FB posts, along with some images, to help up with that process. Direct links to each survey are as follows:

Audience survey

Musicians survey

Why is this so important?

These surveys are an opportunity for Birmingham’s music scene to pull together to illustrate music’s value to the city, and spell out in detail the nature of the challenges facing musicians and fans alike. The disruptions and cancellations we’ve seen in recent months clearly indicate that the challenges facing live music are unprecedented in scale. For policymakers and the sector overall to make informed decisions locally – as well as nationally – it is vital that they have access to reliable data that covers the local picture. As part of our efforts to map Birmingham’s live music ecology, these surveys provide the opportunity to collect a wide-ranging and detailed portrait of the people whose activities contribute to make Birmingham’s live music sector so vibrant and distinctive.

To read more about our work with the Birmingham Live Music Project, visit our website. This has more detail on our work with the Birmingham Live Music Project map, and a series of blog posts about ongoing response of the live music sector to the challenges of COVID and Brexit.

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