It’s not recent news that mental health issues amongst the night-time industry are increasing. The issues are particularly prevalent for door staff, DJs and bar workers as many of these staff members have little to no job security and often feel under high pressure.

As it stands, there isn’t an outlet for industry workers to talk about their problems. Talking about mental health issues is perceived as a way to compromise jobs as the individual could be (wrongly) seen negatively.

Over half of night-time employee jobs in the culture and leisure sector pay less than the London Living Wage hourly rate. It’s well known that the night-time industry is a stressful one, often comprising of low pay and long hours. So it’s no surprise the industry is suffering from poor mental health.

Industry associations are campaigning to encourage change. This includes:

  • Implementing training within late-night leisure venues
  • Encouraging employees to talk – simply asking someone how they’re doing can make a big difference
  • Offering wellbeing programmes and training internal Mental Health First Aiders

Here at NDML, we practice what we preach. Our staff have access to a wellbeing app, regular mindfulness classes, lunchtime walks and annual health checks. This has increased staff retention, developed a positive workplace culture and ultimately continues to help our team do what they do best: serve our customers effectively.

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