Place management is defined as “a coordinated, area-based, multi-stakeholder approach to improve locations, harnessing the skills, experiences, and resources of those in the private, public and voluntary sectors”. Institute of Place Management.

In a series of articles, I will be going over the challenges facing nightlife and place management solutions to make places better and save nightlife.

The Engagement Challenge 

Nightlife and the 24hr economy is a vital part of what makes places special and what adds the human and cultural aspect to places, not to mention generating millions to the local economy.  One of the biggest challenges facing the 24 Hour economy is that all too often plans to change or regenerate areas do not use the place management approach mentioned above which results in at least clashes, and at worst closures of businesses in entire sectors or areas.

Bad place management can be seen across many towns and cities in the UK where nightlife has not been included in a multi-stakeholder approach.  One of the biggest issues is late engagement on all sides and venues not being seen as “neighbors to be notified’. In cases such as these, it puts nightlife under threat and can result in a less culturally and economically diverse place.

The Engagement Solution

One of the first things the industry can do is to get informed and get involved to ensure and protect its future. It is vital that all the lobbying power venues have with their staff, suppliers and customers are put to work ensuring the powers that be hear that nightlife and the 24-hour culture matters.

It’s vital that in every place, nightlife gets involved in policymaking and planning. Legislation which affects nightlife is consulted on every 3-5 years and all too frequently nightlife is not consulted.  It is up to the industry to make this change happen and remind the powers that be that councils, agencies, and developers have a duty to consult the industry on all matters which affect them but this change is not going to happen if the industry is not in the room. To make this happen to get involved by joining your local and national organizations and support other industry sectors fights even if it does not affect your business directly as we are stronger together.



Bio: Leighton de Burca

Leighton de Burca is a Place Making Director for Place Making Bristol CIC. His focus is on good place management ensuring areas are mixed tenure residential and commercially. He has spent over a decade working and lobbying on policy and place management with a focus on nightlife ensuring venues, promoters, and the industries are protected and their views are listened to.

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