The regulations come into force at 12.01 a.m. on 18th July 2020. They apply in relation to England only.

The local authority ( LA / Council) is given powers to give a “direction” which imposes:

  • “prohibitions”
  • “requirements”
  • or “restrictions”

Directions relating to individual premises. 

The LA can impose prohibitions requirements or restrictions on one or both of two different types of people:

  • “the owner or any occupier of premises”
  • “any other person involved in managing entry into / departure from/ location of persons in premises”.

The prohibitions/requirements/restrictions must relate to “entry into”, “departure from” or “location of persons in” specified premises in the local authority’s area.

A direction under paragraph 4(1) may be given only for the purposes of—

(a) closing the premises,
(b) restricting entry to the premises, or
(c) securing restrictions in relation to the location of persons in the premises.

The LA can specify things like

(a) the number of persons in the premises,
(b) the purpose for which a person is in the premises, and
(c) the facilities in the premises.

These are just given as specific examples in the Regulations – they are not the only

Download the full document below.

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